Melodie Grace + west elm


Melodie's collaboration with west elm almost didn't happen.

When she initially received an email from the president of West Elm expressing interest in her work, she almost didn't respond because she thought it was spam. But a little research revealed that the message was legitimate and so was West Elm's interest.

From that message began an intense collaborative effort to create pieces that would stay true to Melodie's vision while also fitting West Elm's aesthetic. They decided to use Melodie's copper raku as inspiration for the collection. Melodie worked back and forth with West Elm on prototypes until they found shapes and glazes that were truly inspired by and reflective of Melodie's work. Unlike true raku pieces, the West Elm pieces needed to be watertight, so one of West Elm's family-run potteries used an alternate firing process, resulting in a series of pieces that come in 3 different sizes. Each piece is numbered, signed and truly unique.